Day Three: Riker Takes Over

Riker and Mara was semi-active while we were both at work Saturday. I tried playing some music for them remotely at one point, but apparently it was the wrong genre or volume level as both returned to under the recliner immediately upon hearing it. Holly came home and opened the computer room door and left it open. I came home shortly afterwards, but neither cat wanted to come out.

A couple of hours later Holly went to the computer with wet food in hand to entice them out. Riker took to feeding immediately, and stayed out afterwards. I gave him a workout with a stick toy, and throughout the evening his shyness melted away. He was running between the computer room and bedroom with ease, and discovered the top of our bed, which he loves playing on. He also allowed us to pet him for the first time, and got rather demanding as the night continued, wanting face rubs and butting his head up against us looking for more contact. His purring engine was in high gear.

Riker inbetween jumping from chair to floor during play
Riker inbetween jumping from chair to floor during play

Mara on the other hand continued her hiding ways. At one point we could not physically find her for over an hour. I had swept the apartment at least three times looking for her.

It was on the third sweep that I found Mara. I was checking our couch to see if Mara had crawled under one of the sections, and discovered something I hadn’t known about. Our couch has three sections, and the center section has a hideaway drawer at ground level for storage. I slid it open and Mara was tucked into a ball in one corner. She didn’t leave easily, and bolted for the computer room when I tried to pick her up.

Bed time found Riker on our bed, checking us out and playing with my toes though the covers.

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