Day Four with Riker and Mara

Well, day four with Riker. Mara still eludes us.

I woke up late by my standards Sunday morning, and went to the computer to surf and write my day three post. After 45 minutes there was no sign of either cat. I did some chores in the kitchen, and wondered if they had returned to Mara’s drawer overnight.

Sure enough, I rolled out the drawer and both were sleeping together inside. I immediately closed the drawer, but Riker was awakened and immediately proceeded to the bedroom for morning love. Mara at some point left the drawer and came to the bedroom, but found a hiding place behind a dresser.

We went out for errands, and returned home a couple of hours later. Riker popped out of wherever he was hiding to play and help with laundry, while Mara stuck to her hiding place in the bedroom.

Riker takes on a Tie Fighter
Riker takes on a Tie Fighter

While they had free reign of the apartment Saturday night, we have decided to move them both back into the computer room starting tonight. Mara seems comfortable enough if we’re not in the same room. We placed a plate of wet food out for them before going to bed, and both ate together shortly after we closed the door.

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