A finicky eater has appeared!

So yesterday both Mara and Riker had their first “I’m not eating THAT” episode. They get wet food twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Last night they turned their noses up at the dinner offering. We decided to let them sulk, as dry food is available.

This morning I popped open a similar can of wet food — same brand, but different flavor. Mara sniffed and stepped away, while Riker grudgingly sampled it. I rummaged around the cat food storage area and picked out a completely different brand, and served it on a different plate. Mara¬†immediately walked up to the new bowl and dug right in.¬†Riker, who was nibbling at the original offering, quit and decided to eat out of the same small bowl as Mara. I broke out another serving. Both ate rather well, mostly finishing off breakfast in one sitting.