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A finicky eater has appeared!

So yesterday both Mara and Riker had their first “I’m not eating THAT” episode. They get wet food twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Last night they turned their noses up at the dinner offering. We decided to let them sulk, as dry food is available.

This morning I popped open a similar can of wet food — same brand, but different flavor. Mara sniffed and stepped away, while Riker grudgingly sampled it. I rummaged around the cat food storage area and picked out a completely different brand, and served it on a different plate. Mara immediately walked up to the new bowl and dug right in. Riker, who was nibbling at the original offering, quit and decided to eat out of the same small bowl as Mara. I broke out another serving. Both ate rather well, mostly finishing off breakfast in one sitting.

Cat shuts down the network

This is not a cat-proof device:


I was awakened early Monday by Holly, and was informed the wireless was not working. I checked the hardware, and asked if the power went out overnight. Holly’s answer was “sorta”. Apparently the large rocker switch is not cat proof.

Good luck getting one of these to confess…


More progress

Mara continues to get bolder. On Sunday evening after some computer room roughhousing with her brother, she ventured out into the living room. She also toured the kitchen and dining room for the first time while we were up. She also stuck around for some play and treats in the living room.

Riker and Mara out together


We left the computer room door open last night for the cats. Holly reported speed trials down the hallway at 3AM. I was awakened to Riker playing with my toes through the covers. I spotted Mara sitting in our bedroom doorway, and approached the bed several times, and and one point jumped up on the bed with us. When I said hello, she bolted.

Progress. Mara decided to join Riker in playing with us this morning.

Day Seven: More of the same

So it’s been a week. Riker is pretty much integrated into the family: not afraid of much, goes where he pleases, and demands play time. Mara is still pretty shy and keeps to herself.

We finally gave up on Mara hiding constantly, so all the books on the shelves were pushed back to the wall, cutting her hiding places to just a couple. She let me pick her up yesterday and I was able to hold her for a bit. After a slightly traumatic fall from the top level of a bookshelf, she’s a little shy of heights at the moment.

Riker lounging in the computer room

Day Five: Breaking the Ice

We took a page from a cat training website that suggested you spend time in the room you’re keeping the cats in to get used to their new home. After getting home, I spent some time on the computer, then moved to the recliner to lounge. Riker discovered my computer keyboard and a few unfortunate paw-presses later my Minecraft character was swimming in lava. After tiring him out with some stick play, he joined me on the recliner and took a nap.

Riker taking a nap with Vladimir
Riker taking a nap with Vladimir

Later that evening, I was on the floor giving Riker another workout with a stick toy. Mara emerged slowly from her hiding place behind some books and headed to the litter box. Instead of hiding, Mara sat down to watch Riker play. I started to wave the toy near Mara and she slowly started to react, reaching for the toy and laying on her back. She’s still running away when approached, but she’s definitely starting to settle down.

Riker, on the other hand, wants out of the room and access to the rest of the apartment.